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Information for foreign job seekers

For foreign job seekers
Pour les chercheurs d emploi non-luxembourgeois
Für nicht-luxemburgische Jobsuchende
Looking for a librarian, archivist, documentalist or any other information specialist job in Luxembourg?
But you do not have Luxembourg s citizenship?
If the answer is yes, you should consider following options:
1) PUBLIC SERVICES (civil or public servants / Beamte oder Angestellte des öffentlichen Dienstes / fonctionnaires ou employés publics)

There is a big demand for qualified staff in Luxembourg, but a lot of public service jobs are open to nationals only, except for the following domains:

- Research
- Education
- Health Care
- Terrestrial transport
- Postal administration and telecommunications
- Water, gas and electricity distribution

(Loi du 17.05.1999 concernant l'accès des ressortissants communautaires à la fonction publique luxembourgeoise)
This means that the cultural domain remains closed for foreigners, even EU citizens.

No restrictions exist however (the only very rare exception) for job offers for "simple employees" (Deutsch: Angestellte / Français: employés privés).

N.B. Unsolicited applications (Deutsch.: Blinde Bewerbungen / Français: candidatures spontanées) are never accepted. In most instances you will even get no answer at all.

If you are looking for a job as an employee (Angestellte / employé privé) in the parastatal sector, please take notice, that at least the following language skills are required:

- Perfect fluency in German & French
- Good knowledge of Luxembourgish & English.

In general the private sector is quite small in Luxembourg. Several institutions (banks for example) are reducing or closing down their archives or documentation centers or sometimes transfer them to their headquarters in other countries as soon as the slightest sign of an economic regression appears.
Cultural associations in Luxembourg are normally too small to provide jobs.
For many years Lawyers' offices (études d'avocats) are the biggest national librarian/documentalist demanders.
Competition is generally tough: a mass of German, French and Belgian qualified librarians, archivists and documentalists are running for few jobs.
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